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Kim Castello
Owner / Founder

I have always been passionate about beauty, fashion, and unique style. It was as a teenage girl that I decided to dedicate myself to the beauty industry. Throughout college, I supported myself working in various salons. Upon graduation, I found myself lost on what to do next. It wasn’t until some soul searching and research that I decided to take my talent and passion and share it with others outside the salon. Now, as a teacher of cosmetology, as well as, a business owner, I enjoy bringing new insights and motivation to my students. It is such a thrilling challenge to help guide their creativity and imagination into varying styles and avenues.Working in an education setting is a great accomplishment; but I do miss the connection between myself and my clients. The relationship one builds with their clients can be such a bond, especially when servicing them for special events in their lives. There is nothing that I enjoy more than making others smile while feeling their best. I am more than willing to go above and beyond for my clients to ensure the work that I put forth is of excellence. Each client becomes an exciting challenge. Everyone’s personality and styles are different.

No matter how long I have been in this business, the rush and the excitement never seem to dwindle. I believe what I do is an art; and with each client that I do, I leave a part of myself with them--hoping that a part of my passion has inspired them to always strive towards the feeling that they felt when I nudged their inner beauty out.

Nothing is ever impossible. There is always a way to everything--it is finding the road to take you on that adventure and conquering as you see the gleam of a smile.

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